Client Testimonials

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We have been with Mark for over a year and I kick myself every day for not contacting him sooner. His professional, hands-on approach is like breath of fresh air. He actually gets what it is like to sit in the owners chair and has a wealth of information to share based on real-world experience. We tried other consultants in the past, but afterwards felt that it was not worth the investment. I can recommend Mark without any reservations, well worth the money spent! John Goddard - Woodside Motorsports
Mark Mooney is one of the most dedicated advisers I have ever worked with and am glad to be even able to consider him a friend. This was most evidenced and demonstrated in his continual engagement with my leadership team well beyond the scope our original engagement. Mark came to us at a time when we were truly struggling and in need of clear guidance and direction. He set to work in clearly focusing each individual on their principal mission of sales. He was able to lay out the respective rolls of each individual and the responsibilities and tasks to be completed, but always kept sales front and center. Nothing is more paramount, the life blood of the organization.

He instilled processes with purpose and always made sure team members did not confuse effort with effectiveness. Processes do not exist in a vacuum but flow from one to the next, each reinforcing the next. He made sure we knew how much had to be sold each day to keep the lights on and instilled accountability. Management focus should be on success activities by each team member on a daily basis and not on just recording what resulted yesterday. Making it happen each and everyday will provide the necessary results.

I hope this will serve to some insight into the value that Mark Mooney instilled within this organization and its team members. Richard Genthe - Genthe Honda
Mavrix Motorsports was established June 9,2009. I would have to say Mark Mooney has played a huge part in our continued growth, and has been a valued adviser even today. His experience in the industry is unmatched, and he is a wonderful sounding board for ideas and changes a dealership faces on a regular basis. He is the type of person who takes a vested interest in everything he does, and his help does not stop once he leaves the store or the phone is hung up. Thanks Mark, and we all wish you the best! Jim Bannon - Mavrix Motorsports